Front Range CPR - BEST

Class Schedule

Please call us with any questions 720-524-6447

Full In-Person Learning Option

Orignal Cert $150.00  ReCertification $100.00

A 100% in person learning model is still available and dates are listed below as a “IN PERSON” class.  All Original Certifications are 16 hours over two days. 

All Recertifications are delivered over 8 hours in one day. 

Blended Learning Option $150.00

A Blended learning model available for the Advanced Wilderness First Aid program.  This will meet all the requirements for an "In Person" certification.  12 hours of live online training that will be followed up by a 4 hour skills session with a focus on social distancing while providing the optimal skills practice and coaching.

Additional Information for Blended and In-person Learning Options

$25 deposit plus add-ons are due at registration. The full balance will be due at the skills session or the begining of the full in person class. 

$25 is a deposit only!  The full balance of $75 will be due at the start of the training class.

ADULT CPR and AED certifications are offered for just $10.00 at the end of class.

Certifications for all class attendees will be from American Safety and Health Institute.

If you wish to have a The American Red Cross Certification you must select and paid for during the add-on portion of registration.

 Text book are also available to purchase during checkout.  All attendees will receive a digital set of notes and reference guides before class. 



 Certifications for all class attendees will be from Front Rage CPR / B.E.S.T. (this meets all requirements for NICA, the Colorado League, BSA, BSA, and the Federal Government, USGS)








Due to Covid restrictions directed by state and local guidelines and social distancing this option is very costly and thus we can not extend discounts for these classes.  All bookings are final and carry a $25 rebooking fee for any changes.